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Culture Club – “The Dream” Come True


I’m not a music reviewer by a long shot, but I really wanted to put emotions and experiences to words after last night’s concert… Last night, June 10 2016, I fulfilled one of my childhood dreams, seeing Boy George and Culture Club live in concert.

Growing up in the 80’s, I had two major musical obsessions (for want of a better word) – Michael Jackson and Boy George. In 1984 I remember watching the Culture Club live from Sydney, which was simulcast on the radio and we recorded it onto a tape which I then played for years. I was 5 when it was on and I was spellbound! I still have memories of the different outfits he wore, which songs he sang in which outfits, and even the place where I had to flip the cassette tape over in my recording. I wish I still had that tape!

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