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Backup, backup, backup


An important question for all website owners: how long since you’ve backed up your website contents? Or even your own computer, for that matter?

It happen too many times, whether it’s a website, a computer, or a business server, backups are too often skipped over when time is short, and the result can be hours, days or weeks of lost business and revenue when hardware or software fails.

If you maintain your own website contents, either by way of static pages or a CMS, make sure you have a latest backup – you never know when things could go pear-shaped!

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Tips & Tricks

Taking a Screenshot in Windows

As we discussed in our post about backing up your website contents, taking screenshots of major content pages can be one way of ensuring you always have a copy of your content for future needs.

Screenshots can also be a great way of showing others what error message, screen, etc you are seeing on your computer at a given time

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Reviews & Tech News

Making the switch – iPhone to “something not iPhone”

This week I made the leap away from Apple for my phone, thus ending my romance with Apple of the last year.   This time last year I bought my first piece of Apple hardware – the iPhone 3G.  At the time I had the choice to either wait, for potentially weeks, for the new iPhone 3GS, or take a 3G home with me on that day.  Being me (an impatient, “want it now” kinda girl — OK a little bit Veruca Salt-ish!), I went for the 3G.

My experience was top-notch from day one, I loved the phone and thought that Apple had solved every issue I had ever had with previous “smart” or “PDA-style” phones.  It ran smoothly, emails displayed beautifully on it (a vast improvement on my Nokia E71, which was text-only email and so fairly useless for me on the go), and best of all there was a plentitude on apps, all at very reasonable prices, if not for free.

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Hosting & Domains

.CO domains now available

.CO domains have been released!  Offering you more choice in branding your online presence with a global, recognizable, and credible domain name.

Perhaps you already have a domain name, but want to ensure you get the online business regardless of the extension entered?

Maybe you’ve been holding off on starting a new endeavour because the domain wasn’t available?

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