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Making the switch – iPhone to “something not iPhone”

This week I made the leap away from Apple for my phone, thus ending my romance with Apple of the last year.   This time last year I bought my first piece of Apple hardware – the iPhone 3G.  At the time I had the choice to either wait, for potentially weeks, for the new iPhone 3GS, or take a 3G home with me on that day.  Being me (an impatient, “want it now” kinda girl — OK a little bit Veruca Salt-ish!), I went for the 3G.

My experience was top-notch from day one, I loved the phone and thought that Apple had solved every issue I had ever had with previous “smart” or “PDA-style” phones.  It ran smoothly, emails displayed beautifully on it (a vast improvement on my Nokia E71, which was text-only email and so fairly useless for me on the go), and best of all there was a plentitude on apps, all at very reasonable prices, if not for free.

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