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Setting directory permissions with Octopus Deploy

If you follow me on Twitter, you’d probably be sure of one thing by now: I love Octopus Deploy! I have been quite vocal about lately, as it’s made my life so much easier and every time I use it to deploy a site I have a little giddy moment of happiness.

I actively support around 20 ASP.NET apps, along with a heap that I wouldn’t call “active” and a small number of good ol’ WordPress sites. So my practice up recently of using FTP to deploy changes manually to these sites (including to a staging site and then to production) has always been painful and fraught with danger.

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Backup, backup, backup


An important question for all website owners: how long since you’ve backed up your website contents? Or even your own computer, for that matter?

It happen too many times, whether it’s a website, a computer, or a business server, backups are too often skipped over when time is short, and the result can be hours, days or weeks of lost business and revenue when hardware or software fails.

If you maintain your own website contents, either by way of static pages or a CMS, make sure you have a latest backup – you never know when things could go pear-shaped!

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