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I am a highly experienced fullstack developer. What does 'fullstack' developer mean? No, it doesn't mean I love pancakes, although I do. Fullstack means that I have full capabilities across software technologies including front-end, back-end, server environments, database systems, software engineering and solutions architecture.

This helps me make life easier for my clients because I can output complete development projects on my own, and resolve the trickiest, curliest technical issues.

It also means I offer a unique, bespoke service, that puts you in the driver's seat. I won't limit you to pre-existing templates or out of the box solutions that don't fully suit your requirements. I can build what you need from the ground up, or select and customise the best existing options for your business and your budget.

In 2017 I co-founded a travel tech startup called YouLi Travel, and these days that is my "main gig", working as the CTO and Lead Platform Developer.

I've worked across many industries and tackled a huge number of technical projects. Each opportunity has presented different challenges and pushed me to learn quickly, think creatively and continually pursue better, fresher and smarter solutions.

When I'm not solving technical issues at work, I love to delve into the world of hobby electronics and play with the latest gadgets. Understanding how things work and how systems are connected is at the core of my being. Recently I've also discovered the thrill of vegetable gardening. A new world of systems, cycles and connections. With a delicious edible output!

My goal is always to be learning and growing, and to support new members of the industry through professional mentoring.

To my clients I offer a unique combination of both scope and depth of technical expertise and experience. I'm looking forward to discussing your project if you're ready to get in touch.